How I usually edit photos for Instagram

A couple people have asked about my editing process, so I did a quick screen recording on my iPad. My GX7 and GX9 have wifi so I usually use iOS apps. This is not necessarily a tutorial, but just a look into how I edit a lot of my Instagram photos. 

Three Things I'd Never Done, But I Did in Sandusky...

Last September, I had the opportunity to visit Sandusky, OH with Lake Erie Shores & Islands. During my visit, the team at Lake Erie Shores & Islands allowed us to enjoy quite a few of the activities and restaurants around Sandusky. (You can read about the trip here.) I'm not usually an adventurous person; I usually stick to what I know, but during our visit, I tried three things that I had never done before, and I really enjoyed them. I would even recommend you try them if you are ever in Sandusky! 

The Merry-Go-Round Museum


The Merry Go Round Museum has a lot of interesting carousel history. If you go, you should definitely take the tour. You will be able to see the craftmanship that goes into every carousel piece and the significance of each piece. There is also a working carousel that moves pretty quickly. It's a great place to take the kids! Check them out on Facebook!


The other activity that I probably would not have tried was touring Lake Erie on an airboat. When I first got into the airboat, I was a little bit nervous, but Captain Tony did a great job of keeping it exciting but not terrifying. Captain Tony is a down to earth and  friendly guy. You also have the opportunity to see the wildlife  from the area. Below is a short video of my ride. The video doesn't do the ride justice, but it can give you an idea. I would definitley recommend the trip if you visit Sandusky! You can find them on Facebook.

Jim giving us the tour of Sandusky.

Jim giving us the tour of Sandusky.

I would say my personal favorite activity was the Segwave tour of downtown Sandusky! Jim Ervin, one of the owners, gave us a tour on segways. I had never ridden a segway in my life, but after I was done, I wanted to buy one! Jim helps you feel comfortable while teaching you to ride a segway, and when you're ready, He'll take you on a tour. The segways are not for rent, so you don't have to worry about taking them out on your own and coming back injured. The staff is there to help you along the way. It's definitely something you should try in Sandusky! Here is their Facebook Page


Sandusky is celebrating their bicentennial this year, so if you are looking for an up and coming town to visit, consider Sandusky! There are so many other thing to see and do! I'm looking forward to seeing the World's Largest Rubber Duck this summer! You can check out my thoughts on other activities here. Plan your trip at Lake Erie Shores and Islands!

Featured on Apple's "Shot on iPhone"

A few of my iPhone + Olloclip snowflake shots were featured in Apple's snow collection!

Collection: Snow Frosty flicks from frozen fingers. Cold snaps, #ShotoniPhone by…Damian M. @damianmccoig, Aaron B. @aaronburden, Erin P. @e_to_the_lynn, Anastasia D. @_dinka78_, Andrew P. @andrewjeweleye, Leonid K. @browsesouse, Alex M. @maniacfive, Miroslav D. @mirik007, Jeffrey G. @jeffgoodman1, Jade L. @photo_queen_14, Oleg A. @oleg_avilov, Olga M. @lillinek, Olga M. @o.mertvyansky, Ashley M. @ashleymilardo, Jessica G. @guatneyproblems, Annette G. @ahg, Jean-Pierre L. @johnnylash, Barbie L. @cry004, Hervé B. @abracadagram, Jørgen C. @uniwave, Claire L. @thesoundofwhite, Claire S. @clairesuni, Alexander S. @swmstrlx, Chris D. @meetthemountains, Nazar S. @n_a_z_a_r_i_u_s, Anar G. @anar_92, James B. @thepixel_photography, Lika D. @lika_dzhumova, Ozgur S. @ozgursoyuer, Genny B. @gennybarioni, Daria B. @dariasaviour, Arseniy B. @nardoswiss, Cha L. @c_lrz, Tobi J. @tobi.el.diablo, Yukari N. @solfa1211, Crystal D. @crystalll_lynnn, Kira P. @kcp732, Vegar H. @vegarhosthost, Adam K. @adamkataoka, Yukari N. @solfa1211, Mehmet K. @thewood_man, Bartek S. @bartstefaniak, Kryštof B. @krystof_bobek, Ali Kahn M. @mali_21487, Mario M. @marsattacks17, Nina F. @ninafontcuberta, Rick W. @rick.walder, Simon R. @saimonro, Cristian K. @cristiankiesling, Matt J. @mattyjacobs2, Umar I. @umarislam, Dave K. @davexd286, Osamu T. @wagtail__, Diana T. @gowanderbaby, Alex R. @moyen1, Rob E. @rob_erne, Koichi M. @koichi1717, Sami R. @54m1, Giuseppe A. @giuseppe.alessandro81, Hannes W. @hannes_wittmann, Sebastian Z. @szisme, Davide C. @calderooney, Wouter B. @wbakhuis, Robert G. @el_robertooo, Jordan C. + Stacie F. @jordan.cramer + @stacedoe, Lynne D. @red_comet_lynne, Beth F. @beefrench99, Mayk A. @mayk_alberto, Carolina L. @carolinalabrana, Monika H. Music: “November” by Colleen

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Five Fall Mextures Formulas

I recently shared a few of my favorite fall Mextures formulas in my Instagram story. (If you are not familiar with Mextures, you can check it out here.) You can click through them here. 

Autumn Photos by Waterlogue

These are the images that I shared in my Instagram Story. Feel free to download them!

My Visit to Sandusky

Sandusky Ohio — More than an Amusement Park

I would consider myself more of a photographer than a writer, but I would like to share some highlights from my recent trip to Sandusky. Lake Erie Shores & Islands was kind enough to invite me to explore their up and coming city. I had been to Sandusky many times to visit Cedar Point. I don’t ride coasters or “thrill rides,” so it was great to find that Sandusky has more to offer than just an amusement park. I’ll walk you through my trip in the three essential segments of every good trip, in my opinion, photography, food, and fun.

Frozen Bubbles in March

I thought the freezing weather was over, but I guess not. Since, it was cold enough again, I thought I would take a video of a bubble freezing. It's pretty cool to watch if you have never seen it.